Dance Schools & Theatres

Transition to Online Delivery with Ease

Switch to a fully-online solution to deliver VOD access for Dance Recitals & Performances, with individual private-access delivery.

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Chosen by Visionary Brands

and creative professionals across 50+ countries worldwide

Still delivering on Discs & USBs?

Transition to Online Delivery, giving each client their own individual private-access on all their devices.

Reduce your
Delivery Costs

Deliver to 100s of clients at a fraction of the cost of your physical deliverables.

Instant Access
on Delivery

No more waiting! Give your clients instant access anywhere, on any of their devices.

Accessible on
All Client Devices

Clients can easily view their media anywhere via mobile, desktop, and TV Apps.

Give each client their Own Private-Access

Simple password-protection just won't cut it. Give private-access to individual clients, with full access-control.

Digital Delivery Process


Import Customer
Email List

Import your customer email list via built-in Import Tool, and send email invites.


Share Access via
Branded Email-Invite

Send a branded & personalized email invite giving access to clients.


Each Client gets a Unique Access-Code

Each client receives a unique access-code, allowing them to login & access.


Clients login via
Email + Access-Code

Clients privately login using their email & access-code, and view gallery.

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Deliver a Modern Viewing Experience

Professional Presentation on All Devices

Look stunning on all screens, including mobile, tablet, desktop and TV.

Client gallery displayed on a laptop, tablet, and mobile device.
Playback up to 4K

Any aspect-ratio, up to 4K UHD

Downloads built-in

Transfer large videos, on desktop & mobile devices.

Completely Ad-Free

No ads, no recommendations.

Mobile Gallery Apps

Allow clients to save their gallery as a Mobile App on their phone, only a tap away.

Gallery Mobile App
Watch on TV

Clients can enjoy their videos on the big screen, with native apps for all major TVs & streaming devices.

TV Apps

Your Brand, Front-and-Center

Display your Brand and Links

Display your company name & logo, and drive traffic to your website & social profiles.

Company Profile
Featuring Blush Films
Match your Colors & Fonts

Theme your galleries with your Brand Colors & Fonts.

Font & Color Theme
Featuring Edithouse
White-label your Client Experience

Use your own website's custom domain-name & custom browser favicon, and remove all VidFlow branding.

Custom Domain Gallery Link
Featuring Rideout Films

Deliver the Way You Want

Branded Email-Delivery

Send clients a branded email-invite to access their gallery, and save templates for quick delivery.

Branded Email-Delivery
Share Private Links

Send unlisted share links, with optional password-protection.

Track Views, Downloads

Confirm delivery with stats on Video Views & Downloads.

Long-Term Access

10 years of streaming access, included with each gallery.

Embed on your Website

Embed videos & galleries to your website, as an inline or full-page embed.

Embed on your website
Individual Private-Access Delivery

Give private-access to clients individually, and control who has access.

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Ready to Level-Up?

Stand out from others by offering
a superior delivery & viewing experience.

 These features are only available with the 'White-labeling Add-on' or 'Unlimited Membership'.