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VidFlow offers many additional features to enhance,
your delivery workflow and client experience.

Client Experience

Completely Ad-Free

Deliver a completely ad-free viewing experience to your clients, unlike public video hosting services.

Professionally Designed Templates

Growing selection of premium templates to choose from, and best showcase your project.

Fully-Responsive Design

Gallery Templates are full-responsive, and optimized for mobile, tablet, & desktop screens.

Suite of TV Apps

Native TV Apps for clients to view their media on the big screen. - Learn more


Curated Selection of Fonts

Customize your galleries with Fonts that match your brand or project, powered by Google Fonts*.

Customize Colors

Create a unique color palette for your galleries, with a combination of up to 3 colors.

Video Backgrounds* & GIF Support

Elevate the viewing experience with Video Backgrounds and animated GIF support.

Ambient Gallery Music*

Set the mood with ambient gallery music, playing the background of your client galleries.

Video Chapters

Add chapters to your videos with scene-selection menus for clients jump to a scene in the video.

Group Videos into Sub-Pages

Deliver a collection of videos, and create sub-pages to group select videos.


Showcase your Company Branding

Showcase your company name & logo on your client galleries and delivery emails.

Promote your Website & Social Profiles

Drive traffic to your website & social profiles, by featuring them on your client galleries.

Complete White-Labelling*

PRO Galleries offer custom domain-name support, and removal of all VidFlow branding.

Theme Presets

Create multiple saved presets for your brand colors & fonts, and apply with one click.


Built-in Email Delivery

Deliver your projects via a branded email, with a personalized subject and message.

Customize Gallery Link*

Along with custom domain-name support, customize the link for each video gallery.

Password Protection

Galleries are unlisted by default, but you can set custom passwords for private access.

Private-Access to Individual Customers*

Provide private access individually, if selling to individual customers with access-control options.

Embed Galleries on Your Website

Embed video galleries directly to your website, with fully-responsive embed options.

10 Years of Included Hosting

We include 10 years of hosting out of the box, with upcoming options for clients to renew access.

Playback & Downloads

Playback up to 4K

Our platform & high-performance video player supports playback up to 4K UHD.

Adaptive Streaming

Deliver smooth playback for all internet speeds, with adaptive streaming built-in.

Transfer Original Source Files

Allow your clients to download the original source files for an offline backup.

Support for Mobile Downloads

Clients can easily download their videos to their mobile devices, via mobile web browsers.

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